Delicate four leaf clover necklace

$ 20.00

The universally recognized sign of good luck!

Each of the four leaves represents something worth having: Number 1 is faith, number 2 is hope, number 3 is love and the last one is for luck. It's your lucky day wearing this lovely and unique necklace in a dark irish green and crisp silver.

Clover pendant is 0.25 in. (0.635 cm.) across.                                                 Sterling silver chain is 18 in. (45.72 cm.) long.

*What do I get with my purchase from Nature With You, you may ask? Here's your answer:

~A beautiful, handmade item crafted with love and joy.
~Fast shipping and first class customer service.
~Packaged in a nice jewelry box. If it's a gift let me know and I can include a handwritten note.

I create items I love – with love – and I want to share them with the world because I believe they are worthy, and they will make someone’s life better, brighter, easier, and happier.

**Each necklace is individually, made by hand, by me. That means there will be slight color variations and that things won't look perfect or machine made. These are not flaws. I feel they add to the beauty of each piece.

Materials: resin, metal alloy, stainless steel, sterling silver